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LED & Digital Screens
  • In addition to the many benefits provided by Outdoor advertising, Digital Outdoor allows advertisers to achieve high-impact, high-resolution outdoor communication on a digital platform which allows the advertiser the following benefits:

Key Attributes
  • Tactical messaging, Day-part message management & Real-time updates.
  • Inexpensive creative changes (very low production costs)
  • The network of screens allow for site or time-based information to be adapted tactically, in a quick and inexpensive manner.
  • Digital only requires one (digital) version of the creative execution, which is uploaded onto the network (or dedicated to specific sites) rather than having to print faces for each (traditional) site.
  • A campaign/brand’s core message can be adapted throughout the day for time-based relevance. A range of brands or sub-brands can be interchanged within an advertiser’s slot to allow message rotation and greater relevance e.g.: Cereal in the morning; Soup at lunch and hot chocolate at night.